How to Send a Booking Request and Pay Your Artist?

So, you’ve listed your job, you’ve received a selection of applicants, and communicated using messages and call requests with your favourites. Now you’re ready to make your decision and book the perfect performer for your event.

Your next step is to send your chosen artist a Booking request. Note: no booking is confirmed on Arrive until you’ve sent a booking request (even if you have made a verbal or written agreement with your artist). Completing your booking is easy:

Before Event

1. Click the green “Book Now” button on your enquiry page.

2. Confirm that the details are correct and click on “Checkout Now” button

3. Make a payment with PayPal or by Credit if you have credits in your account.

  • You will pay a 35% deposit now, and 65% will be charged 14 days before the event.
  • If your event is within the next 28 days, you will pay the full 100% to confirm your booking.

4. Confirm the booking and click on “Visit Your Gig Order” page.

5. Your gig is now “Active” and a notification is sent to the performer.

6. Once the performer receive a notification and start the gig, you will see “Gig in Progress” in your Gig order page. This will let you know that the artist is ready.

After Event

7. After a successful event. The Artist will sent you a notification to finish the Gig. Please click “Accept” to release the money to the artist. If you’re not satisfied, you can dispute the gig*

8. A popup page will open. Here you can Rate and write your review of the artist. Your reviews is very important to the artist and to Arrive community. Once done, click on “Send” button. That’s it.

Your order will indicate that it’s now closed.

In case of a dispute, a dispute will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Any travel expenses paid by special arrangement to the performer outside Arrive marketplace must be handled directly with the Performer. Arrive Booking Agency is unable to enforce any agreement made for a payment outside of Arrive policy.

Communicating with performer through Arrive helps ensure that you’re covered by our Terms and Conditions, cancellation policy, and other safeguards. It also keeps all relevant details for your enquiry and booking in a single place. This makes it easy to find and reference any important details you’ve discussed with your performer — especially useful if we need to help out with your booking!

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