Do you vet the performers?

Yes, we thoroughly check each of our performers to make sure they meet our high standards for quality and professionalism. This entails examining their qualifications, such as their traning and experience, as well as looking up any prior grievances or unfavourable reviews.

Additionally, we request  a complete profile listing, biography ,videos of their performances,  recommendations from past customers, and a legitimate ID from each of our artists.

We realize that hiring a performer for an event requires a significant financial commitment, therefore we go above and above to give our customers the greatest service. We can make sure that our performers are dependable, competent, and capable of delivering the kind of performance that our clients are seeking for by carefully screening them.

But once the performer interested in your job, it is up to you to choose the performer which best matches your event.

In order to make sure we are offering our clients the greatest performances, we also urge them to provide feedback and ratings after the event.

If you’re still not sure, email our Bookings Manager will be on hand to offer you personalized recommendations.

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